Mk 7 Advance

BBS MK7 Advance Range is new to the market place and offers a new modern design to glass rooflight solutions.
Extruded from high quality UPVC this range offers an integrated water management system to shed water to the outside of the rooflight.

The framework is fully gasketed with Thermo-Plastic Elastomer (TPE) gasket seals. Outstanding weather tightness is achieved by using flexible (TPE) gasket seals to both internal and external profiles.

The MK7 Advance range has been specifically designed to be utilised as a security conscious glass rooflight assembly. It is internally fixed to either an upstand structure in its own right or integrated into any of the MK7 Advance UPVC rooflight kerb ranges to give flexibility to suit most flat or inclined roofing applications.

mk7a_1Although primarily adopting a security conscious method of installation, no fixings are visible from the external of the rooflight or from the internal of the building bringing a new dimension to rooflight aesthetic design.

The 112mm high UPVC MK7 Advance range utilises a bead clip arrangement to secure the glazing and can accept a Double or Triple glazed glass from 22.4mm to 32.8mm thickness. With the flexibility to use a variety of glass thicknesses and specifications the MK7 Advance range can offer exceptionally low U-values

For ventilation purposes the MK7 Advance can be incorporated into any of our UPVC kerb systems utilising Hit and Miss Ventilation options.

Advantages over other systems include:

  • Rapid installed
  • Individually made to measure
  • Exceptional U Values
  • No cold bridging
  • Health and Safety friendly
  • Impact rtesistant
  • Competitively priced
  • Fully recycled
  • UV protected UPVC frame
  • Safety glass

Unvented – Fixed glass rooflight in MK7 Advance frame with no ventilation, used for areas that require natural light only.

Hit and Miss Titon Vents – Offer manually operated ventilation via a sliding mechanism mounted internally to the kerb. The vents are opened and closed as required by hand or by pole. The vents can be installed on 2 or 4 sides of the kerb. Ideally used for areas that do not require a high volume of ventilation.

Wormgear – Utilises a brass telescopic winding mechanism is mounted to the MK7 Advance frame above the base kerb. This mechanism allows the user to remain at ground level and operate the unit with a winding rod. Wormgear rooflights offer a higher level of ventilation and can be opened up to approximately 300mm.

Chain Motor – Utilises an electrically operated chain motor that is mounted to the MK7 Advance frame. The motor is available in 24V or 230V options and has the capacity to either be wired to an open/close switch or to a control panel (please note the rooflight will be supplied as standard with the motor only, controls are available at an extra cost). Chain actuated rooflights offer a higher level of ventilation and can be opened to approximately 300mm.