Mk 7 Flush Glazing Systems

mk7_1MK7 range offers a competitively priced glass rooflight without  compromising quality. The MK7 design achieves maximum daylight  due to the minimalistic frame work finish which barely visible from the internal of the building, the units are very easy to install and require very little maintenance other than periodic cleaning.

Offered in a range of high quality glass options the MK7 rooflight  boasts  a superb part ‘L’ compliant roof glazing solution at a very competitive cost.

The MK7 can be installed on a minimum 5° fall and offers a universal daylight solution for both residential and commercial projects. Fixing to a prepared upstand the unit is primarily a sleeve over installation. The glazing is secured by way of bonding the glass to the aluminium framework and finishes with a perimeter silicone seal to the external glass and frame edges (to ensure good air tightness an internal perimeter foam tape is applied to the internal perimeter frame under the glass surface).

A full range of high performance glass is available in either double or triple glazed options with varying options of tints to reduce solar gain and glare. Exceptional U-values can be achieved dependent on glass specification used.

Advantages over traditional systems:

  • Made to measure units
  •  Sleek design
  •  Speedy delivery
  •  Thermally efficient
  •  Health and Safety friendly (manual handling)
  • Exceptional U values
  •  High performance impact resistant glass
  •  Factory sealed units
  •  Environmentally friendly (all components are recyclable)
  •  Competitively priced