New BBS M2 Quad Skin Rooflights for Balmullo PS, Fife


Balmullo PS Mk2 168 Quad SkinBalmullo PS Quad Skin 2 *The New* BBS Mk2 168 Quad skin rooflights as fitted at Balmullo Primary School .

The quad skin rooflight offers a tremendous  u/value for a polycarbonate dome, at 1.4W/m2k this is becoming very popular with specifiers, as favoured by Fife Council when they specified the rooflights for Balmullo PS and Beanstalk PS in Dunfermline.

The quad skin dome tops can be fitted to any of the BBS Mk2 kerb range such as: 80mm adapter, 105mm adapter, 168mm splayed (as above) 175mm vertical, 290mm high splayed 300mm high vertical, 300mm high splayed 385mm high sleeve over and the 400mm high vertical, all uPVC and all offering tremendous thermal properties.

Client: Fife Council

Roofing Contractor: Amber Roofing, Cowdenbeath

Contact: Neil Nicholson 07714266757, or for further information.

Photos courtesy of Amber Roofing.