Replacement North-lights at Inchyra Rd Local Authority Depot, Grangemouth

Inchyra Rd, Gramgemouth 1

BBS are pleased to have been awarded the contract by Braedale Roofing, Motherwell to replace 365 metres (5 runs at 35m and 3 runs at 64m) of Georgian wired glass North-lights at the local authority premises at Inchyra Rd Grangemouth.
The system used on this contract is the BBS Mk9 Fast-lock multi-wall glazing panel system glazed with 25mm x-structure multi-wall long-life u/v stable polycarbonate (also available in 16mm).
Each run of glazing incorporates a hinged opening panel with worm-gear winder to allow controllable ventilation to each department underneath.
The BBS Mk9 panel system can be adapted to suit any mono-pitch, or duo-pitch glazing application.
Due to the extremely fast installation of the BBS Mk9 system a high performance high end glazing system can be offered at a very cost effective price.

Client: Falkirk Council

Main Contractor: Braedale Roofing (Motherwell)

Inchyra Rd, Grangemouth Inchyra Rd Grangemouth - Braedale

For further details on the Mk9 system please contact Neil Nicholson on 07714266757