Mk 1

BBS Structural Glazing Polycarbonate Rooflights are manufactured to the highest standards and have been specifically developed for the flat roofing market. We offer one of the widest ranges of rooflights in the UK, and can accommodate bespoke designs to suit any structure.

Our rooflights are manufactured from solid polycarbonate sheets with proprietary UV protection on both sides offering excellent weathering properties and light transmission. Polycarbonate offers a long service life, high impact resistance as well as a variety of glazing options such as clear, diffused, opal and bronze.

Mark 1 Rooflight in-situOur rooflights are available in a choice of two profiles, the Pyramid and the Dome in either a Double, Triple or Quadruple skin construction. These can be either combined with UPVC, aluminium or galvanised steel kerbs. Circular dome rooflights are available as a stand-alone item or together with aluminium or GRP kerbs..

The introduction of additional skins to the manufacturing process helps to improve both thermal and acoustic insulation as well as reducing the possibility of condensation; ultimately providing designers, architects and contractors with a wider range of options.

Rooflights used as a complement to artificial lighting can considerably reduce the annual energy consumption of a building, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Increasing the number of rooflights creates a greater potential energy saving.

The benefit of using rooflights go further than just reducing energy consumption; research has shown that increased levels of daylight can aid health, learning and also increase productivity.

Our polycarbonate rooflights are all manufactured using a thermoforming process which has close similarities with vacuum forming except that greater use is made of air pressure. Each skin of the rooflight is manufactured individually and then combined to make the required rooflight. Each adjacent pair of skins are separated by a 20mm air gap to achieve the best possible thermal efficiency.

All rooflights are manufactured in accordance with harmonised European Standard BS EN 1873:2005 and carry the CE mark. Our range has been tested for fragility by Building Research Establishment (BRE) and attains a class B non-fragile assembly classification.

Our polycarbonate rooflights can comply with L1 and L2 of the Building Regulations. All the materials used in the construction of our rooflights and kerbs can be fully recycled.

Polycarbonate (Solid Sheet)

UV protected polycarbonate offers high impact resistance as well as a variety of glazing options; clear, diffused, bronze and opal.


Single Skin 5.4 W/m²K As Installed
Double Skin 2.6 W/m²K As installed
Triple Skin 1.8 W/m²K As Installed
Quad Skin 1.4 W/m²K As installed

(additional laylight options available on request for increased thermal values)

Light Transmissions

Clear 87%
  • a high light transmission
  • allows full vision of views & objects
  • minimum privacy
Diffused 84%
  • a high light transmission
  • increased privacy
  • reduced glare and shadows
Opal 50%
  • a low light transmission
  • maximum privacy
  • reduced glare and shadows
  • prevents vision of views and objects
Bronze 50%
  • a low light transmission
  • reduced solar heat gain
  • cuts down the brightness of sunlight

Solar Gain

The solar gain (‘G’ value) can be improved to a more manageable level by way of introducing varying tint interlayers to the polycarbonate rooflight construction thus reducing the heat build-up occurring from transmittance through the rooflight glazed area.