Craignure Pier, Isle of Mull

Portfolio Categories: Walkways.

BBS designed manufactured and installed a 76.0m long structural glazed walkway on Craignure ferry pier on the Isle Of Mull in 2001. The walkway was designed to have sufficient width for it also to be utilised as a waiting facility, it was fitted with Iroka timber bench seating to both sides with timed lighting also being fitted.The facility was of a similar design to the already proven unit installed at Stornoway four years earlier.

With there being no terminal building at Craignure the walkway was a welcome feature providing shelter and comfort to the many foot passengers that visit the Isle Of Mull each year.

Like Stornoway, the walkway had to be designed to cope with the extreme weather conditions that can be experienced on the West coast of Scotland each year.

View of the walkway from the inside showing the Iroka timber bench seating and lighting.